Dried Fruits, healthy as fresh ones!

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The amazing health benefits of fruit are well known. Consumption of fruits has been shown to do everything from reduce the risk of cancer to helping with the promotion of weight loss. Fruits also have been shown in studies to have a blood pressure lowering effect due to their low sodium and high potassium content. With more and more health benefits of fruits being identified, it’s not surprising that people are increasing their intake of these sweet and colorful orbs. Due to their convenience, many people are also reaching for bags of dried fruit to fulfill their fruit quota. But are dried fruits healthy?

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Although not as healthy as fresh fruits, there are health benefits of dried fruit that can make them worth keeping on hand. Dried fruits are a good source of fiber and roughage which can help to promote colon health. Plus, they have a shelf life of up to a year and take up little shelf space in your cabinets. When you’re ready to eat them, it’s as simple as tearing the wrapper off the package and enjoying them straight from the bag.

Dried fruit is well packed with vital vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin A, B6, potassium and magnesium. Dried fruits are high in dietary fiber that aid against corpulence, high blood pressure and factors that contribute to the chance for heart disease. The benefits of dried fruit are plentiful. They make great additions to any entrée or as a tasty snack for anytime.

To get the health benefits of dried fruit, try sprinkling them lightly on your morning oatmeal or other cereal, adding them to yogurt, baking them into quick breads, or using them as salad decorations. This is an excellent solution for the colder months when you may not have access to a plentiful supply of quality fresh fruit. When summer comes and fresh fruit is in abundance, you may derive more potential health benefits from switching to fresh fruit.

Although the health of dried fruits may not live up to that of fresh fruits, it’s still a nice option to have on hand when you don’t have access to fresh produce.


Paypaya pulls at your appetite again and again with a sweet and unique flavor. It aides digestion, upset stomach and cell regeneration. Do yourself a favor and try a taste of this pleasing treat.


Peaches are abundant in vitamin A, which assists in building strong bones, teeth and hair and it is necessary for numerous cellular functions. Peaches are also rich in vitamin C, known to support the body’s immune system, essential for healthy gums and vitamin E which research has shown is crucial in preventing cardio-vascular disease and certain forms of cancer. Peaches are also a good source of dietary fiber. Peaches are delicious alone or added to a variety of dishes.

Banana Chips

This sweet, crispy snack is an excellent source of energy to help keep you going. Bananas are full of benefits to your health, being an superb source of potassium and vitamins B6 and C. These yummy chips are an easy way to get your banana fix.


A wonderful tart and sweet treat. These fun, easy to eat, bites of health will help you maintain endurance, energy and stamina throughout your day.


These poignantly pleasant tasting seeds of perfection will cleanse your entire body. Jam-packed with antioxidants and helping to protect against gum-disease and stomach ulcers, cranberries can heal you from head to toe. Try their scrumptious tartness.


The lush, tropical sweetness of pineapple and it healthful properties make an important addition to every diet. Aiding in digestion and acting as an anti-inflammatory, this delicious snack will not disappoint you. It sweetness is compared to candy, but it is much better for you.



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